Why hire a Makeup artist?

Good question! I'm glad you asked!


  • Wedding Vendor Specializing in Bridal Makeup- The amount of time and effort that goes into planning a wedding. Brides want to make sure, they are feeling and looking their absolute best on the wedding day! You wouldn't hire a photographer, who only does new born pictures, to photograph your entire wedding day. That photographer, specializes in new born photography. Its the same in the beauty industry for makeup artist. You want a bridal makeup artist, who specializes in bridal beauty. Bridal makeup is an entirely different makeup application and process. Many don't understand how much goes into beauty and that's ok! Especially, if they aren't familiar with itThere are specific skills, formulas, products, techniques that play into each aspect of professional makeup and hair. Especially, when it comes to the longevity of the two. The last thing any bride should be worrying about or stressing over is makeup or hair during the wedding. If you aren't feeling you best, this leads to not feeling confident in being your best self. We do not want this, especially on your wedding day, that you have been dreaming of and planning for an entire year. You want to be 100% confident in feeling confident! So you can enjoy every second of your special day. 

  • Lasting All Day- Airbrush is the most in-demand makeup for TV/FILM/EVENTS and weddings! Due to the natural and lightweight wear, with amazing benefits. Airbrush is truly the only “bride proof” formula with the incredible resistance and longevity being 24hour wearing, water-resistant, transfer-resistant, sweat proof, hypoallergenic and vegan formula. Getting married is the one occasion that shouldn't be chanced. Makeup and hair, will be worn for hours from morning into the late evening. While, also needing to last through extreme weather conditions in the heat, humidity, or rain. Brides will be dancing, eating, drinking, possibly crying, hugging guest and more.  Your makeup will last all day. With the right skin care regimen before the makeup and formulas. You can wake up, in the morning with your makeup application still looking amazing. With the high quality airbrush makeup application KC Artistry provides. Dance the night away, hug, cry! Makeup will stay in place all day and night.

  • Artistry Behind the Makeup -The clients face is truly the canvas. There are many different skills and techniques, to flawless lasting makeup. Artist will assess the clients skin type, bone structure to specifically use techniques to bring out the clients highest features, tailored to each face shape. Artist, will create a look that will best suite the face shape and look for the specific event. There are many different tactics and products used in the makeup application. The skin care regimen, color correcting, neutralizing, base application, Contour, defining the eyes, lifting the face, and using certain tricks to prevent flash back and makeup separation


  •  Lighting and Professional Pictures- Have you ever heard of the term "Flash back"  Flash back, is when the makeup looks great in person but in photos, the face will be white and glowing. Usually, a person won't realize this, until the next day. viewing all the pictures friends and family are sending and tagging you in. Professional Makeup artist, have special tricks and skills ,in making the makeup look flawless, under various different types of lighting and in person. You want to look amazing outside in natural sun light and inside under dim yellow lights. And importantly, in professional quality cameras and cell phone cameras. After all this will be a night to remember!

  • Diversity - We are experienced and prepared for all different skin types and tones. Most of the time, those who never wear makeup and aren't familiar with makeup do intend to wear it on the wedding day. Performing makeup on yourself as a bride or bridesmaid can be stressful and risky to do on the wedding day when its a foreign actWe provide makeup to all age ranges and races with airbrush makeup being perfect for all skin types, ages, skin conditions or sensitivities. Airbrush does not settle into fine lines or wrinkles, it covers dark spots and rosacea.