• Beginners or experienced. We will start at YOUR level and use what you have. This is geared for YOU.


  • Only have minimal makeup products? That's perfectly  normal and ok! I use the same 5 basic products for my normal makeup routine (L'oreal is one).


  • The point of this is to show what you can do with what you have!


  • No need for high end brands or a ton of makeup. After session, you will receive a list of a makeup artist' favorite hidden gems!  AND

  • A personalized product recommendation list for your skin type and makeup prefrence! ( low end/ high end options)


  • Women who wear little to no makeup, natural, or full glam!  This will benefit all. There are some tricks and tips..just waiting for you!

  • Women who wear minimal makeup and want to add to the natural look. Or makeup lovers who wan't the full glam look.

  • Women who do or don't already have an everyday makeup routine and want to develop one or add to it.

  • Women who want to want to learn how to achieve an elevated look for weekends and/or special occasions.

  • Women who have everyday basic makeup routine down but are bored and want more!

  • Those who want to learn more about skin and products best for them

  • Those who want to learn how to achieve that perfect clean dewey / matte skin.

  • Ever wondered how some slim the appearance of the face and bring out that sexy bone structure? With one product- bronzer (CONTOUR).

  • How to effortlessly make your eyes POP and Eyebrows perfectly filled and shaped?

  • How to get your makeup to last ALL day & night?  Even in the summer humidity!


We are only just getting started ladies! Bring some wine (optional ) put the kids to bed and get comfy! Bring the makeup you have, you don't need a lot or the high end brands. 

This is your time to do something for YOU.




Limited time 

Live one-on-one personalized makeup tutorial created and tailored specifically for you.


If there were ever a time for this, it's now!

Being isolated, stuck inside, feeling disconnected, probably bored and lonely, kid's driving us crazy!

That's why I created this, we need it!

Let's have some fun, play with makeup, further your skill-set doing something that makes you feel good and confident? Put the kids to bed, get the makeup out that you already have, grab a glass of wine-(optional) and hop on Zoom 


The perks of a virtual, and personalized session?  Your personal real time makeup tutorial. You will learn how to do YOUR makeup exactly how YOU like. That way, you are getting the absolute most. Taking something away from this.. that will benefit you consistently in the long run. There's nothing wrong with wanting to feel confident and getting comfortable with the process! Whether that's a "No makeup look", "Natural look", "full-glam look", "luminous skin look", "sexy smokey eyes" ,"Perfecting the brows"


Virtual Details

When registering for your virtual session, you will receive and E-mail with some questions to answer. To get a good idea and understanding of what our lesson with entail. At our scheduled time on Zoom, we will be face to face. We will figure out together what you personally want to achieve.  Starting from the beginning, I will explain and demonstrate each step, you repeating. You will be getting in detail tips and tricks. I will be walking you through as we do our makeup together. You will create the perfect makeup routine / look that’s catered to fit your style and needs, while developing your understanding and skills. 

After the course- You’ll then receive a list of recommended skincare and makeup products that I love that are best for your skin and style. You will also get the step by step instructions and tips that we went over during your appointment. I hope that you’re just as excited as I am! 



My Virtual Pro Makeup Artist Course Experience 

There is a good reason, in the last two year's schools/programs have started offering virtual Pro Makeup Artist courses. Knowing first hand, how effective it is from my own personal virtual experience. I invested and completed a professional level, virtual course, one-on-one with celebrity makeup artist, Robbie Miller. I left that course shook!  Robbie was right, it was like having him right here with me (except him being in Hollywood). I left with more knowledge and skills than I ever imagined. Like... I can airbrush eyeshadow, airbrush eyeliner, tattoo cover up, fill in bald spots, beards! Are just a few.


YOUTUBE doesn't cut it


 Hundreds of clients and friends have said -I just want to get a little better, or I've always wanted to get my skin or eyes to look like this.  Unfortunately, there's no options out there to teach regular non professionals at a non pro artist level. With Billions of non-pro makeup users, I realized options are lacking. Youtube is about the best it gets for those not wanting to go Pro. We all know, Youtube does not cut it. If it did, we would all be makeup Pro's. Beauty and makeup, not a "one size fits all". The way one would apply makeup, would be totally different for another. Face shape is EVERYTHING! Someone with hooded eyes, would not want to follow a look done by someone with almond shaped eyes. Resulting in the eyes looking droopy, closed, smaller. Not to mention, most of us wouldn't typically wear the looks Youtuber's wear



A common misconception - " you need to have high end products or a lot of product's, brushes"  but that’s simply just not true. One of my all-time favorite foundations is Maybillne "Fit me foundation". Many people don’t realize that it’s actually not about the product or brand. It's how you apply it. Makeup is also so universal. Just TWO example -Bronzer or eyeshadow if often used to contour. Eye shadow is used to fill in eyebrows. During our session, I will have you bring the existing makeup products that you currently use or have. 


This session are for those wanting to take advantage of this limited time service. Introducing a personalized relaxed one-on-one virtual makeup lesson! A real life tuto...
Virtual Session
1 hr