Summer Skin Tips.

THE SUN-UVA/UVB rays are extremely harmful all year, but especially during the summer when the sun is the strongest and we are outside the most. Stay protected with SPH. Many makeup brands add this to foundation, however makeup SPF is not as effective as sunscreen by itself. Makeup products, don’t bind to the skin as well as sunscreen. There’s also a powder form you can re-apply over makeup! Which is amazing, due to the fact that most don't wear SPF because of makeup application. Put on your makeup, and add the powder SPH over top, genius!

Powder SPF $50

MY SUN DAMAGE- Most people don’t realize SPF must be re applied every two hours. I didn’t listen, and this caused me to get dark spots all over my face from sun damage, its terrible. I used to fake and bake, apply oil instead of SPF, and SPH, who needed that! Yep, that was me, until this year at age 27. I learned the hard way. I actually got treatment done by Maryland Laser surgery center for my dark spots. Which was thousands of dollars and did not work. When getting this laser surgery done, a picture was taken of my face to see underneath the surface of my skin. I was terrified at what I saw. The ugly truth of going unprotected in the sun.

My visia UV photo. Skin Damage

LIPS-Don’t forget about your lips. Lips are a common site for skin and lip cancer. This can lead to more deadlier forms of disease. Most forget about the lips, but they need protecting too! Lips products that have SPF.

My personal favorite lip protector

EYES- Prolonged UV exposure can redden the whites of the eyes, just like the sun burns the skin. Overtime this causes cataracts and macular degeneration. To prevent eye damage always choose sun glasses that have these qualities-

UV 400 protection, it blocks 400 nanometers of UV light.

Impact resistant- the shades can possible withstand being active or an accident.

The right color, translucent colored lenses are cute but stick to dark shades.

EXFOLIATEfor clear, smoother skin. This removed dead, dull skin and prevents congestion and improves hydration. (This also helps makeup last longer.

HYDRATION- Up the levels of your normal hydration with intensive masques. Once or two times a week. I personally live hylaronic acid and its inexpensive! Dermotoligst recommended!

WATER WATER WATER- I can’t stress this enough!!!! 8 ounces a day. This is crucial to maintain critical moisture balance of the body and skin and helps in detoxification. (the more caffeine intake the more water, you must triple water intake) I was HORRIBLE and still am at drinking enough water. My skin will start to look like leather when I'm not drinking enough water, who wants that.

FORGET THE OLD FASHION TAN, SUNLESS TANNERS ARE WHERE ITS AT- Sunless tanning products are hotter and better than ever. They come in many different forms lotions, creams, gels, sprays, mousse. With the active ingredient dihydroxyacetone DHA dead skin cells are safely coated with color. The tint of color disappears when the skin cells are washed off or fade away with new skin cell growth.

POPULAR SUNLESS TANNING- ST. Tropez, jergens mouse, loving tan

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